Sunday, April 3, 2016

10:15 AM Update for April 3, 2016

All games are postponed today. 

Field conditions are poor ... The fields are somewhat waterlogged and muddy. Wind is high and wind chill is cold. The pressure gradient is going to persist all day which makes it very windy and chilly. Temperatures are not gaining enough either to be warm enough for game time. 

We hoped to play today, and have it our best shot, but unfortunately we have to postpone to next week. It's still early in the day, so you still have time to make some other plans. 

Revised schedule will be worked on this week. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. See you all next week !

Repeat .... All games postponed today April 3. 






Ariel Cohen

West Hempstead Shuls Little League
p: 917-470-6117


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