Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sunday March 25 Schedule

   All practices are cancelled for this weekend.  Unfortunately, the grounds and fields won't quite be ready for this weekend, and the temperatures on Sunday will be quite cold and windy.  So March 18 – There will be NO practices.  Glad that we started indoors this season to get in some practice !


    March 25 is now will be the first games for all age divisions.  You should be contacted by your coach sometime between March 22 and March 25 for your team assignments (after we have our coaches meeting).  On March 25 – please arrive EARLY to your games (some 15 minutes early), as we will hopefully be distributing the team uniforms prior to the games.


March 25 Game Times (all at Cornwell Ave school):

  • Girls 1-3:  11:00 AM – Cornwell #1
  • Kindergarten/T-Ball:  11:20 AM – Cornwell #2
  • Boys 1-2:  1:05 PM – Field assignments based on team
  • Boys 3-4: 2:45 PM  – Field assignments based on team
  • Boys 5-7: 4:20 PM  – Field assignments based on team

Cornwell #1 is the field furthest from the parking lot, and closest to Hempstead Ave.

Cornwell #2 is the field next to the parking lot.

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